Saturday, November 19, 2011

Who Are You Thankful For Today?

Have you noticed that the social media feeds are full of thankfulness this month?  It seems fairly easy to write a quick tweet or status update, highlighting something that we appreciate every day.  But, how many times do we make the effort to write a note or make a phone call (like we all used to do) to tell someone that we're thankful for them?  That's a little more direct and uncomfortable for most of us, but is probably something we should do more often.

I have been thinking about this for the past week, after my dad told me about a phone call he received out of the blue last week.  He has been a preacher for many years and received a phone call from a lady, whom he had not had any contact with in many years, who was calling just to tell him "thank you" for telling her about Jesus sixteen years ago.  She shared how that moment made a difference in her life and how she thanks God daily for his life-changing impact on her, as a teenager, that day.

That turned his day around...not because he had done anything extraordinary...but because of the simple act of hearing "thanks" and realizing that the impact he made was not forgotten.  Who has made a difference in your life, in your adoption journey, or in your family - maybe recently or maybe years ago?  Will you accept the challenge to step out of your comfort zone and express gratitude this month to that person or group of people who are special in your life?

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