Friday, March 23, 2012

Adoption Training Weekend - Resource Links

I told those who attended our training last week that we would post some of our recommended adoption-related websites that, we believe, would be helpful to you so here are the ones we mentioned:

Adoptive Families Magazine - We recommend that you subscribe to the publication but also access the hundreds of online articles that are available on the website.  The articles are categorized and easy to find!

Resolve:  The National Infertility Association - Provides links to support groups in various geographic locations in the US.

Pregnant with Hope - Correlates with the book that we provided to each couple and I recommend that you subscribe to this blog as the posts relate to infertility, building a family, and spiritual encouragement for the journey.

Adoption Learning Partners - Offers affordable online classes pertaining to various adoption topics and issues.  If you choose to take these classes, please request our agency's code from your caseworker to track our agency as the source of referral.

MyAdoptionAdvisor - Offers online, on-demand courses for prospective adoptive parents.  We recommend the class on Adoption Networking & Advertising for each couple.  FLS has a code for a 15% discount for our clients.  Please request the discount code from your caseworker.

Sherrie Eldridge, Your Adoption Coach - Subscribing to her adoption resources on the website will provide you with access to her blog posts, video clips, etc. in your email box.  Author of Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew, Forever Fingerprints, etc. 

Statistically Impossible - "A birthfather in an open adoption who stuck around."  One of the few birthfather voices you will find sharing his story and it is such an important point of view to understand and consider.

My Mind on Paper - Blog written by Kevin Hofmann, a transracially adopted adult and author of Growing Up Black in White

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