Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gift Suggestions for Birthmother's Day, Mother's Day & Waiting Adoptive Moms

May will soon be there and with it brings the weekend of Birthmother's Day (May 12th) and Mother's Day (May 13th) - these are times that are celebrated by some and dreaded by many.  No matter what the situation or circumstance is, it is a time to be recognized as it is an emotional time for women connected to adoption.

One of my favorite gift companies for this particular holiday weekend is The R House Couture.  I have several of their custom pieces and have been happy with both the quality of the items and their customer service.  The deadline for Mother's Day weekend orders is May 1st, so start shopping, customizing and ordering now!

Some of my personal favorite gift suggestions:

For birth mothers, who are mothers, but find themselves in the midst of this weekend unsure of where they fit into it all....  1)  Baby Bracelet & Matching Necklace 2)  Birthmother Necklace 3)  I Can Do Hard Things Necklace

For adoptive mothers and/or birth mothers....1)  Monogram Necklace (for birthmothers with open adoptions) 2) Silver Tree Charm 3) Everything Happens For A Reason Necklace

For ladies who are waiting to become mothers through adoption...1)  Never Give Up Necklace 2) Hope Necklace 3)  Eventually Necklace


Just One of the Girls said...

Thanks for the ideas!

Janelle said...

I love this necklace!

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