Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fresh Ideas for Communicating with Birth Parents using Photographs

For most adoptive families, sending photographs and updates to birth parents via letters, pictures, video clips, etc. has become a regular part of the relationship-building process between adoptive and birth families.  However, this can become monotonous after months and months of sending groups of pictures of a posed, smiling baby or perfectly groomed family in front of a picturesque landscape.  One of our adoptive families, Jesse and Jenny, started taking pictures of themselves and their son, Elijah, with signs that simply showed his age, a simple message, etc. I absolutely love the concept and they make wonderful, artistic, frame-worthy images for the birth parents.

There are other ways to incorporate your child's personality, activities, and even temperament into the catalogue of photos.  Consider these suggestions as a starting point to taking some creative photos of small children "in action":
  • Small children are rarely still, looking at a camera - so don't stress.  Catch them on the move and from different angles (ie. photograph them taking unsteady steps from behind, walking holding the hands of a parent, running barefoot through the grass, picking dandelions, running through the sprinkler, enjoying an ice cream cone, etc.)
  • Catch the child blowing bubbles outdoors and have them blow bubbles at the camera while taking a close-up shot of their face
  • Capture a moment of them studying something new and interesting as they try to figure it out (ie. the baby and the family dog/cat studying one another, staring at an aquarium full of colorful fish, etc.)
  • Don't be afraid to show the "real" moments once in awhile by catching them in an unconventional way such as when they are snoozing, pouting, or even having a royal temper tantrum....they are just kids, right?
The main thing to remember is to have fun with it!  Send great pictures to the birth parents as they are treasured far above any other material thing that you could send, but don't always worry about sending pictures that make the child look like they are perfect all the time...that is unrealistic for even the best of children and parents.

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