Wednesday, May 5, 2010

National Foster Care Month

May is National Foster Care Month and a time to recognize some very special families in our community and communities across the United States.  Family Life Services has 8 foster families in the Lynchburg, Virginia area that provide transitional care for infants between the time that they are entrusted to our agency by the birth parents and the time that the child is legally adopted by the adoptive parents.  Their job is to love, care for, nurture, protect, and fully provide for an infant until the child either reunites with his or her birth mother or joins an adoptive family.  They are a vital part of our organization and we appreciate the work that they do.  If your family has been positively impacted by a special foster family, take the time during this month to send a note, card, picture, flowers, or some way of letting them know that you haven't forgotten them - I guarantee they have not forgotten about you!

Here's a link to President Obama's Proclamation from April of 2010.   National Foster Care Month spans various aspects of foster care and recognizes foster families who serve children and youth on a much larger scale with public or private organizations.  One statistic tells us that there are 463,000 American youth in the foster care system that need a stable, happy, loving home during times when their biological families are unable to provide the needed care for them.  You can make a difference by getting involved and it could change a lifetime!

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