Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Petition to Extend the Adoption Tax Credit

As I am sure you are fully aware, there are many costs and fees associated with adopting a child.  Sometimes these costs keep families from adopting, however , there are many families who have been able to say, “Yes”, to adopting a child because of the Federal Adoption Tax Credit.

We were all excited to hear, when the health care bill was passed, that the Federal Adoption Tax Credit was raised to $13,170 and that the bill also made the credit refundable.  However, this credit that is available for international and domestic adoptions, is set to expire in December 2011.  So what can you do?  You can help to make this credit permanent by writing to your representatives and asking them to support The Adoption Tax Relief Guarantee Act, H.R. 213.  Go to: writerep.house.gov, type in your zip code, and write a short message to your representative. It will be 5-10 minutes of your day well spent!

Rachel Curley
Adoption Caseworker


Brandy said...

For sure gonna support that...just wrote to our representative! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

We need to be vigilant and not let this fall between the cracks. Write your Representative!I just did!

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