Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Adoption Cards for the Journey

Have you ever searched for "the card" to send encouragement to a family who is awaiting an adoption placement, or something to celebrate a family's recent adoption of an older child, or a card for someone in your life who is celebrating Gotcha Day?  You want something beautiful, but also something that accurately and sensitively conveys your message.  Imagine my surprise when I found JUST the place that offers cards to meet these needs on none other than Twitter this morning!

Adoption Cards is a new Etsy Store that offers customized greeting cards for forever families.  The creator, Lindsay Lamb, was inspired to launch this idea after her sister and brother-in-law completed two adoptions from Russia and she found herself at a loss when trying to find a card to capture the message she wanted to give.  The cards are handmade and beautifully crafted ranging in price from $3.50 - $7.00.  Many have suggested messages that you can tailor to your needs or you can customize the greeting.  Adoption Cards currently offers cards in the following categories:  congratulations, thank you, encouragement/support, and adoption/gotcha day.  Lindsay will be adding more designs in the future as the store grows and gains in popularity.  Be sure to check it out and she can be followed on Twitter at AdoptionCards.

Lindsay Lamb is 26 years old and is in Rochester, New York. She currently works in the marketing department at Xerox; but her dream is to some day become a stay-at-home mom! She loves acrylic painting and hand-making cards, and have always had a love for art. When she is not scrapbooking or making cards, you’ll find her in the kitchen trying a new recipe, ballroom dancing, or watching a classic movie! She became passionate about creating adoption cards during the two times her oldest sister adopted from Russia, because she realized there was a gap in the greeting card market to truly capture the needs of adoptive families.  She hopes others enjoy her cards as much as she loves making them!

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Anonymous said...

I am not the least bit surprised Lindsay Lamb has filled a niche in the greeting card industry. Lindsay Lamb has long been a fabulous artist. I have known her since her earliest days. She was even commissioned several times throughout high school for her acrylics. Lindsay has several works that still remain in the halls of Springville Griffith Institute High School. If your family has a specific artistic wish to be granted during your adoption process, I assure you Lindsay would be happy to help.

Ashley Wiese

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