Monday, September 13, 2010

Book Review: Growing Up Black in White

I am almost embarrassed to admit that I initially posted about finding this book, Growing Up Black in White, on June 4th - over three months ago.  Thanks to a weekend that included a cool, crisp Saturday and what my husband described to me as one of the biggest weekends in football - I had some nice time to finish reading the book!

As I flipped through the pages, I found myself intrigued and found experiences I could relate to in today's society and some that I can only hope have dissolved into non-existence.  There were moments that sparked strong emotions of wanting to stand up for equality, educate the ignorant, and protect those who find themselves fighting opposition at every turn.  No doubt, this surge of emotion begins from some of my personal life experiences and frame of reference.

I expected a memoir about adoption, and it is, but found that it is so much more about life and would be just as interesting to someone with no personal ties to adoption.  You'll laugh and you'll cry, but it will open up your mind as you take a look into the personal reflections of the author, Kevin Hofmann, from childhood to adulthood as he develops his personal identity through the ups and downs of his experience as a biracial child adopted into a Caucasian family.

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