Monday, January 10, 2011

The Great 8 Challenge - Karis Magazine

If you look at the top of our blog, you'll see a fancy new banner that has been added to our blog this weekend, proudly proclaiming our support for Karis Magazine!  It is a faith-based publication that started in Southwest Virginia in October 2010 and is quickly expanding and growing.  The magazine's launch of their e-subscription this past weekend will quickly launch them toward their goal of becoming national.  If I had to make a prediction, I think this will become one of the leading Christian publications available.  This magazine is committed to giving back a portion of their income to other ministries impacting the Kingdom.  Here's the first challenge for those wanting to get in on the action...straight from Karis...believe me, you will be encouraged and challenged by every page.

The Great 8 Challenge.

8,000 dollars. 8 ministries. All you have to do is subscribe.

Literally, within an hour of our eKaris launch- God started tugging at our heart strings. (He's so very prompt like that.) We prayed and pondered, and because this company, magazine and ministry is for Him- we're going to start giving back the blessings that He is pouring in!!!

Here's the skinny- For every 100 subscriptions, (eKaris ONLY) Karis Magazine will donate 1,000 dollars to a non-profit organization/charity/ministry. We prayed and used God's super duper knowledge to determine which organizations we'd give to for this go-a-round. After literally picking them from a bowl, here's the order:

1. Straight Street Ministries

2. Liberty Godparent Foundation

3. The Rescue Mission

4. God's Pit Crew

5. Children's Miracle Network

6. Manna Ministries

7. Feeding America Southwest Virginia

8. Rick Via World Ministries

PLEASE subscribe to eKaris and make a difference in the lives of others! Make sure to pass it on; shout it from the roof tops if you have to- we won't judge. HELP US HELP OTHERS!!!! Log onto to get your subscription today and follow them on Facebook at Karis Magazine to follow this amazing journey of faith.

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