Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday's Featured Family: Sean & Shandra

Friday's Featured Family: Sean & Shandra
Married since 1996
Reside in Virginia
Sean's Occupation: College Music Professor, Guitar Teacher, Professional Musician
Shandra's Occupation: Homemaker (Formerly an Administrative Assistant)

Sean and Shandra are an active couple who enjoys traveling and experiencing new things together. They both have warm and friendly personalities that are complementary to one another. Sean loves to spend time outdoors hiking, running, and biking. He is patient and has a great sense of humor. Shandra is detail-oriented, outgoing, nurturing, creative, spontaneous, and fun-loving. In her free time, Shandra loves to read, play board games, watch movies, travel to new places, and is an exceptional cook. Sean and Shandra were foster parents to a special little boy, in the past, and look forward to sharing their home and family with a child who joins their family through adoption.

Ten Random Facts About Sean & Shandra:

1. New people who meet them often say “Sean and Shandra, that will be easy to remember!”

2. The farthest they have ever traveled together was to Bolivia where Shandra worked in a childrens’ day camp and Sean taught music.

3. Shandra went to New York City on her high school senior trip and saw 10 Broadway shows in 7 days!

4. Sean has a lot of experience working with kids. When he was growing up, he helped take care of his brothers, who are much younger than he is. He has also taught guitar one-on-one to kids of all ages, and he taught middle school and high school for one year.

5. Their first date involved watching multiple Disney movies, eating pizza, and taking a very long walk.

6. They have a vegetable garden in their backyard. They are very good at growing tomatoes but just can’t grow peas!

7. The child that they adopt will be the first grandchild on both sides of their families, and their parents are looking forward to showering love on their grandchild.

8. Shandra’s family has a tradition of singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” before opening every present on Christmas morning, no matter how long it takes.

9. They are open to incorporating a name selected by the birth parents for the child they adopt.

10. They are interested in having ongoing communication with the birth parents if they are comfortable with that. They are also willing to consider having an open adoption in the future.

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