Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Adoption Day, Andrew!

We celebrated our most recent placement at Family Life Services on Friday, October 21, as new parents, Craig & Carey, adopted their son, Andrew Adam.  I'm not sure that I can accurately describe adoption day with a word picture, but the pictures linked in the slideshow below speak for themselves.  The birth mother and her parents were a huge part of this day, but pictures are not being shared for privacy reasons.  Watching a birth mother fight the emotions of placement day - because she feels that she is doing what's best for her child - is something that never becomes routine at our agency. 

In a similar way, the privilege of watching a young couple, who have prayed faithfully for the day when they would become parents, is overwhelming.  On this particular day, I was reminded of how God fits the pieces of families together when the birth family and adoptive family (including extended family members) came together, some of them meeting for the first time, and shared an instant love and respect for one another.

Andrew is the first child for Craig & Carey, the first grandchild for Craig's parents, and the first grandchild for Carey's parents - do we need to say any more or are you thinking what we're thinking?!  Visit this link to see a slideshow of images from Andrew's Placement Day.

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