Monday, July 19, 2010

The R House Couture - Custom Adoption Jewelry & Gifts

I have learned so much since this blog was launched.  Connections made with other adoption professionals, organizations, birth parents, and adoptive parents have opened doors that may never have been touched by conventional means.  Wow, I am really starting to like this!

One of my exciting recent finds has been The R House Couture shop that sells handmade and custom jewelry pieces in addition to adorable adoption-themed apparel.  My personal favorites are simple necklaces or bracelets that feature words/phrases like "hope", "miracle", "forever in my heart", "i can do hard things", "enjoy the journey", and "eventually".  I carefully read the inspiring descriptions that go along with the beautiful creations and thought about how perfect they would be for an adoptive mom, a hopeful adoptive mom, or a birth mom.

Most items don't scream adoption, but that's part of the beauty and charm....they don't have to.  A necklace could represent a connection to one's personal and private journey of adoption that can be shared, if you want to, or held tightly in other moments.

The R House Couture also offers several adoption onesies and t-shirts for kids.  I have seen nothing like it and love each one!  Here's a sample of what you'll find on the website and I hope you check it out.  If you don't find what you're looking for she will do a custom design as well.

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