Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Released & Delivered

Released & Delivered - this simple phrase puts a smile on my face as I know this is not just a catchy title for a book, but an overwhelming and divine feeling of peace....a calm after a tumultuous time of life.  This is the essence of the memoir written and released in 2010 by Janelle Basham & Tasha Brown, two former residents of the Liberty Godparent Home who united to tell their stories of facing an unplanned pregnancy in their teen years.  Both found themselves pregnant at 16 and scared as they faced the uncertain future that was ahead.

Although each author chose a different path for their child's future, both of these women have embraced God's redeeming love and mercy in their lives an can attest to the way that He clearly directed their steps.  Janelle & Tasha are now using the story of their struggles and victories to encourage the hearts of women and families who may find themselves in a similar circumstance - giving hope to the hopeless.  Family Life Services is thrilled to have Janelle Basham working with our organization as an Adoption Caseworker, giving her the opportunity to share her story with others on a consistent basis. 

Released & Delivered is a down-to-earth account of a true story that will relate to anyone who has a desire to understand the process and emotions involved in teen pregnancy for the individual and the family as a whole.  To order your copy of Released & Delivered, visit the website for Truly Transformed Ministries.


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