Friday, July 9, 2010

Strength for the Journey

For international adoptive families, some days are just tough - and that is very normal.  Adoption is wonderful, but does not come without it's share of difficulties and challenges.  This shouldn't be alarming as parenting a birth child certainly doesn't either!

As an Adoption Professional, I often show up to homes for post-placement visits and find families with perfectly groomed children, smiling parents, and a home that any Merry Maid would be proud of!  However, I spend a great deal of time letting the family know that challenges are ok and exist in every family during the first months home.  The strength, energy, and wisdom of most of these families amazes me.  But having a challenge or difficulty doesn't mean that you aren't a great adoptive family - it means that you are normal like everyone else.  I have come to appreciate the families who can talk about the good days and bad days in an open and honest manner and reach out to others in a time when they need a helping hand or encouragement.  Better days will come and the small victories seem gigantic when progress is made.

I came across a post from an adoptive mother - four months past the adoption of her son from Ethiopia - called I Count All Things Loss... and it might be just what some of you need to read to encourage you for today and remind you that His mercies are new each morning. 

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