Monday, March 15, 2010

Check Out the Cover of Adoptive Families Magazine...

Check out the current March/April 2010 cover of Adoptive Families Magazine....featuring our little friend, Tyler, who was adopted through Family Life Services by his parents, Kevin and Julie.  A picture of his older brother, Ethan, can be found in the same magazine on the Family Album pages!

I would strongly recommend that you subscribe to this magazine if you are a waiting adoptive family or adoptive parents of children of any age.  This magazine includes articles relating to domestic and international adoption, advice for parenting various age groups, book reviews, adoption updates, etc.  You can visit their website and sign up to receive a sample issue to preview the magazine.  Some of the reasons I am such a fan of this magazine is because the articles are short, concise, and full of information.  I enjoy flipping through the magazine and find it less intimidating than looking at a book that's on my "to do" list.  In my opinion, this magazine is one of the most practical adoption resources available and is easy reading for busy people!

Adoptive Families Magazine has also sponsored an adoption networking website, Adoptive Families Circle, which allows adoptive families to connect with other members of the adoption community, participate on discussion boards, follow adoption blogs, and upload photos to share.  There is currently an opportunity to enter a "Mommy and Me" photo contest to have a photo featured in the May/June Issue of the magazine.  Perhaps we'll see more of our FLS friends featured in the future!

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