Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thoughts About The Journey...

I just completed a journey between Virginia and Canada to be with my family for a few days and, as I looked at the road that stood between me and my homeland, I could draw so many parallels to my physical journey and the adoption journey.  I once heard adoption described, not as a snapshot, but as a moving picture.

This past weekend, we completed an Adoption Training Weekend with 9 couples who are in the beginning stages of starting the adoption process with our agency.  We were delighted to get to know each couple and a little bit of their stories as we join them at the initial stage of their adoption journey.  At this point, there are feelings of nervousness, uncertainty, excitement, and anticipation as they proceed forward in the direction that God has pointed them.  The road ahead may be filled with twists, turns, circumstances beyond one's control, yield signs, hills and valleys - that's just how it is.  However, there is hope in the fact that we are not in control, but yet we have faith in God who IS in control as we navigate the road ahead.  Although the journey may seem long, we may lose patience, could become irritable, feel weary and frustration may set in, there is hope in the future when we reach the end of this road. 

Several adoptive families and birth mothers came in this weekend to give of their time and tell their stories to encourage our new, prospective adoptive families and we are so grateful for their willingness to share about both the smooth roads and the ones filled with pot holes - however, which each one we heard that they crossed over any obstacles to experience the joys of adoption in their family.  My hope is that each family can take the time to enjoy the journey with the opportunities to grow, stretch, and change....and can eventually say, "it has been a long journey, but I have been blessed!"

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Anonymous said...

Deanne, you sure summed up the entire adoption experience. It has been well worth the journey the Lord has taken Brian and I on. We both would not trade one minute, for then we wouldn’t have the two most beautiful and precious girls!! Thank you for allowing us to share in the conference. It was a blessing to us as well.

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