Friday, March 26, 2010

Following the Blog & Posting Comments

I am so thrilled with the feedback that we have gotten on the blog, so far, and it seems to be accomplishing our goal of connecting with a wider audience.  Here are two common questions that I want to address:

1)  How can I follow this blog? - If you sign into blogger at the top right of the page, you can then click on the "follow" that appears at the top of the page (closer to the middle) to officially become a follower.  We haven't posted a "follow" block on the page due to confidentiality issues.

2)  Can I post comments on the posts if I am a waiting adoptive parent or have a mediated adoption? - YES.  We welcome your feedback and input so don't want you to feel limited by questions of confidentiality.  Post any comment as "anonymous" and then sign the end of your comment with your first name only, if you wish to do so.  For those with fully open adoptions, international adoptions, etc., you may comment any way that you choose as confidentiality issues don't apply to you.

Thanks, have a great weekend everyone!

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