Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's happening today at FLS?

The answer for today is meetings, meetings, meetings!  It's staff meeting day and that usually brings together 7 women (today was 8 including our LU intern) with lists of questions that they have been "saving" for a time when we are all together.  We must set a time limit as we could honestly sit and process all day and never blink an eye!  It's a time for collaboration, sharing, new ideas, and case planning.  You would think that, in a small office, we have these opportunities frequently - and we do on a smaller level - but it's important that we unify as a complete staff to realign our goals, purpose, and ministry on a regular basis.  I firmly believe that each woman who is employed by Family Life Services is here for a reason, desires to be a part of this ministry, and brings life experiences that are irreplaceable.  Today, we prayed for wisdom, discernment, positive attitudes, and sweet spirits as we prepare to host an Adoption Training Weekend next weekend for 9 couples who are pursuing adoption with Family Life Services.  Will you join us in prayer today for our staff, the upcoming training weekend and the 9 couples who will be attending?

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Brandy said...

I will pray for your staff today. I will never forget our training weekend that we attended almost 7 years ago...and 3 weeks later we were proud parents of our Christopher! You guys have had such a positive impact on our family and we love you for it!

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