Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Featured Family: Brandon & Hannah

Friday's Featured Family:  Brandon & Hannah
Married since 2003
Reside in North Carolina
Brandon's Occupation:  Plumber/Business Owner
Hannah's Occupation:  Baker/Works from Home Kitchen

Brandon & Hannah are a fun-loving & active couple who enjoy spending time together.  They enjoy a variety of activities such as hiking, skiing, and camping, but also enjoy relaxing on the porch swing.  They love the outdoors and try to lead a simple life, even though it can still be busy, at times.  They see life with a sense of humor and think of it as an adventure.  They look forward to the future, knowing that it is in God's hands.

Ten Random Facts About Brandon & Hannah:
  1. They live close to their extended family with most of the parents, grandparents, and sisters living within 30 miles of them and they visit often.  They also have family out-of-state, but they keep in close contact and visit throughout the year.
  2. Their best date ever was their 3rd date when they spontaneously took off to the mountains for a fun day trip.
  3. They met 9 years ago in a coffee shop and married the following year.
  4. One of Brandon's best friends was adopted as a baby, and they have friends and family who have adopted children whom their child will grow up with and know.
  5. They will tell a child his or her adoption story early in their life, like a bedtime story, so that the child will always know about the birth family and how they came into the adoptive family.
  6. Their favorite fun activity is being on a ski boat in the middle of the lake on a hot day.
  7. They love all kinds of food but pizza is the all-time favorite.  They could just about eat it every day without any complaints!
  8. One thing Brandon likes about living with Hannah is that she is a great cook and makes wonderful home cooked meals.
  9. One thing Hannah likes about living with Brandon is that he does such a good job with their finances, keeping the bills and making sure that they are financially stable.
  10. Following an adoption, Hannah plans to be a stay-at-home mom and is looking forward to it.
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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a wonderful couple! A child would be so happy with them.

Anonymous said...

Hannah is one of my good friends - easy to talk with, fun to be with, and one of the strongest Christians I know. She has waited for a long time to become a mom, and I know she would make a great one. Their home is already full of warmth & love - I'm excited to see the little baby God has chosen to place there.

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