Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday's Featured Family - Intro

Family Life Services will soon be dedicating our Friday blog posts to families - specifically, hopeful couples who wish to adopt a child into their family.  We are going to be featuring some of the couples in our domestic infant adoption program who are working with our agency toward an adoption.  All of the families who work with our agency are Christian families who have met the Adoption Standards of their state of residence and of our private adoption agency.  I might be biased, but I think that the families we have are the "cream of the crop"!

So, why start to feature prospective adoptive families on this blog?  It's for a variety of reasons: 

1)  For blog readers to see the diversity of families available within our agency,

2) For this to be another networking tool for hopeful adoptive families as other agencies or individuals may stumble upon their information and feel like they fit an adoption situation outside of FLS, and

3) For those of you who have perhaps walked through the waiting phase of the journey of adoption or those of you who have a heart for adoption to pray for the couples, very specifically, who are working with FLS that God would fulfill His will in their lives.

Will you be one who dedicates to pray for these waiting families as we begin Friday's Featured Family?  

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